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Remember the Rules!

Before you post, please look at the rules! :3 It'll help you know what to do. ^^


To get more people into it, we're going to make more of a theme here...

We need to personalize this journal more!  

We can easily switch between them, but first...which to start with?
Poll #952667 Which to challenge first?

What challenge should we start with?

Mood Theme

sledding n_n;;

yay an idea! lol n_n;;

pictureCollapse )

extra pictures to be found here:

hopefully i did it right n_n;;


First Entry

There are two pictures, but they both go with the same thing.  ^^

Candy Mountain XD


First Challenge of the >.> Whatever works.  Perhaps I'll keep it around until everyone gets an entry, and we'll see how long it takes.  May only be a week.  ^^ We'll figure stuff out!

Challenge: Sledding

lol I have no idea how even I'M going to do this one, but it's worth an attempt. 

Remember, can't use the actual item!

Need help?  Definition!

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source
sled·ding      /ˈslɛdɪŋ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[sled-ing] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1.the state of the ground permitting use of a sled: The mountain roads offer good sledding.
2.the going, or kind of travel, for sleds, as determined by ground and weather conditions.
3.a going, progress, or advance in any field: The job won't be easy sledding.
4.the act of conveying or riding on a sled.

Thanks for looking ^^

We are just openning, give us some time to gather our wits.

In the meantime, why not post who you are, and what dolls you have, perhaps.  Or just being here...

I'm Ave, the owner. 

The moderator spots are open, and I will see who wishes to be in the position.

I have Koori, a DOC Hoo, and Loire, a Kid Delf Ani.